Friday, May 1, 2009

Feng Shui Elements Based On Birthday

. Friday, May 1, 2009

Knowing the feng shui elements based on birthday will enable you to have a better understanding of your personal traits, character, behaviour and potential.

Feng shui elements based on birthday is also known as BaZi which is a literal translation of the Eight Characters in Chinese. As these eight characters are arranged in 4 columns with each column consists of 2 characters, it is also known as Four Pillars.

The 4 pairs of chinese characters are derived from your birth information; starting from the left, your Hour, Day, Month And Year of birth. These characters are made up of the five basic feng shui elements such as Wood, Water, Metal, Fire and Earth. Each element will have its Yin and Yang representation.

You can bet that BaZi is a lot more precise than your newspaper horoscopes prediction as there are thousands of possible combination that one can come up with. From the analysis of one's BaZi, a person's character and nature can be determined as one progresses through life. Knowing these traits will make you more well prepared in making decisions at certain juncture in your life. You will be able to strengthen your relationships, improve your potential and fully utilize your talents and also overcome your inherent weakness.

As I mentioned earlier, the Yin and Yang of feng shui elements are decoded from your birthday. Therefore, there are four pillars with each column consists of two characters; one on top of the other. The top character is known as Heavenly Stem while the one on the bottom is known as Earthly Branch.

The most important character in BaZi is the Heavenly Stem character in the Day Pillar which represents oneself. The character in the picture is Metal and therefore it signifies that the person with his birth date decoded belongs to the Metal element with the Yin variation.

A person with the Yin Metal as his self element is usually someone who like to be under the spotlight, be it due to his look or intellect. As Yin Metal people are attention getter, "face value" or reputation are very important to them. Why are Yin Metal people like to be under the spotlight? Well, in feng shui or more specifically BaZi analysis, Yin Metal is associated with fine jewelry and beautifully engraved metal which are usually worn to steal the limelight.

Unlike Yin Metal, Yang Metal people are very tough people who can endure hardship and sufferings. There are simply no short cut to success for Yang Metal people as they really have to sweat it all out to be successful. As they are so tough, this group of people will make perfect leaders. By now I bet you can guess that Yang Metal is associated with swords and axes.

Do you the element that represent wisdom in feng shui? Yes, it is water as water is formless and can take any shape and moving endlessly even if it might look like that it is staying still. Therefore Yang Water people are intelligent and adventurous. It is very hard for them to follow rules as routines are never part of their lives and really have their own wills.

In contrast to Yang Water, Yin Water people are creative and good at nurturing talents and imparting knowledge which makes them perfect candidate for teachers. However, they don't have much will power and determination in completing hard tasks.

If you have a Yang Earth friend, then you have a very dependable person there as Yang Earth people are trustworthiness and loyal. Possessing traits like the boulders, Yang Earth people are very stubborn and inflexible in their dealings.

As the Yang Earth people, Yin Earth people are also dependable and also tolerable towards other shortcomings and weakness.

Yang Fire people are noble and generous people. Check out the feng shui element of most philanthropists birthdays. Who know? They might belong to the Yang Fire group.

Imagine the flicker of the candle light and you would get Yin Fire people traits. Well, for one, these people are often fickle minded. They are very good at motivating people and natural leaders as with light, it guides one out of darkness.

As for Yang Wood people, they are quite conservative and "fixed" in their thinking. As with those tall trees in the forest, they are quite determined and strive to improve their lives albeit slowly.

In contrast to Yang Wood, Yin Wood people are flexible and adaptive in their endeavors. These two traits makes them very good in surviving in the "rough jungle" out there.

So much information on oneself has been revealed by just analyzing one of the characters of the feng shui elements based on your birthday. Have you ever imagined how much more information can we get by completely decodes the entire BaZi or Four Pillars chart?


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